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Zona Walks

As of 2023 we are offering Zona Walks at Highland. 

What is a Zona Walk you ask?  A Zona Walk on a short Forest Bathing activity, to reconnect with nature.  

We will take you on a slow, short, guided, mindful walk along an easy trail.  Bring the mind into the present moment and an intentional state of non-judgment.  Reconnecting with the natural surroundings with a couple of fun and relaxing activities along the way.

Unplugging from technology and engage the five senses.  A Zone Walk can help to unwind, improves one's mood, it's therapeutic, uplifting and an Eco-friendly activity.  Time spent reconnecting with nature helps to lower blood pressure and boosts overall well-being, among other scientifically supported benefits.

Try it with us here at Highland - Poblacion Bilar Bohol

News and Updates:

News Update 2022

Some people maybe wondering what we are up to and when we plan to reopen, well as of December 15th 2022, we have reopened the restaurant.

One our new menu, a number of vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options can be found.

Also now, a small area of the garden has been reopened to enjoy, although the butterfly enclosure is no more. The butterflies and other wildlife are all still here in abundance, as the site was always designed for in-situ butterfly conservation. 

Early mornings in good weather, the garden is full of wildlife.

We are open 9am to 4pm.  Highway, Poblacion, Bilar, Bohol. (Closed Every Wednesday).

News and Updates:

In Situ Butterfly Conservation

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